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  Magnetic Headband & Neckband

 Breathable/ Reversible/ Comfortable
With our reversible wraps it is like getting
 two wraps in one product!

8 (1/2") neodymium magnets which can be placed anywhere you like
 (two removable Velcro

Magnet Size

Internal Gauss Rating Per Magnet

8 Neodymiums (North or negative facing the body) 1/2" diameter magnets 2" wide 26" long (manufacturers gauss rating of 12000 - 12300 per magnet/ surface output of 1500-2000)

Great for any head area

Also great to wear as a collar

magnetic headband magnetic neckband

Our magnetic head band comes with two removable Velcro magnetic pads (8 magnets).  If you would like to purchase additional 2 x 2 trigger pads see our order form below.   You can place magnetic pads on your forehead area, your temple area, and even at the base of your skull.


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Magnetic Headband & Magnetic Neckband

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Item:  Magnetic Head/Neckband  Sale Quantity:
Magnetic Head/Neckband with 8 neodymium magnets              Retail $36.95 Sale $32.52  fits up to 26" 
Trigger Pad with 4 magnets (extra Velcro magnetic pads for your wrap)
Retail $16.00 Sale $14.08
For larger sizes please call us with your measurements.  We specialize in custom sewing and most orders will ship the next day! 

3. Place

Click the picture below to see an additional option for the head and sinus area

Magnetic Eye Mask

magnetic eye mask




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magnetic therapy products


Magnetic Head and Neckband Removable Magnets

The soft breathable micromesh fabric allows for flexible and comfortable wear.  Our Norso magnetic head/neck wrap provides deep penetration with 8 (1/2") neodymium magnets.  Our magnetic head/neck wrap contains 2 removable Velcro pads containing 4 magnets each.  You can place these magnetic pads wherever you like. 

Our magnetic head/neck band is not constricting like most neoprene wraps.  It is best not to combine tight wraps with magnets because that is contradictory for magnetic therapy.  Our magnetic head/neck band is not meant for support and it is not a brace it simply holds the magnets in place.  

One size fits all:  (actual size is 2" x 26")

  • Non-Invasive

  • Drug Free

  • Use Day and Night while sleeping

  • Convenient and Comfortable

  • All North magnets facing the body

We are the only manufacturer of wraps which contain removable Velcro magnetic pads.  This feature enables you to place the magnets exactly where you like.  This is a great advantage over magnets that are already sewn or glued in. You can also remove the magnets and place them elsewhere on your body.  With the removable magnets your wrap also becomes washable!  We are also the only manufacturer of reversible wraps so you can turn them inside out to get the benefits of two wraps in one!


For moderate use this magnetic neck band can be used as a collar and the magnets can be placed anywhere inside the wrap.  If you have a more serious issue you might want to look at our magnetic neck wraps.  

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magnetic neck wrap

Prefer not to wear wraps? See our trigger point spot magnets which can be taped to any part of your body.  
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spot magnets.



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