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 Magnetic Mattress and Pillow Pads
(see prices in the charts at the bottom of the page)

Our Magnet Therapy Mattress Pads contain powerful ceramic ferrite magnets (manufacturers gauss rating of 3650 - 3950 per magnet/ surface output of 1500-2000).  The quilted, comfortable mattress pad fits on top of your mattress and under your fitted sheet to project a north-pole field along your entire body.

Standard pads are fitted with a 1" thick pad, while our Mega pads are fitted with a 2" thick pad. Our Superior Density pads which are 2 1/2" thick, offer a 1/2" layer of the NASA developed Visco "memory" foam.   Memory foam has a firm surface that will mold to your body for deep comfort and support. The superior pads have ceramic magnets that are larger (1" x 1/4") but are still our popular disc size magnets.  Please see the pictures to the right for a better idea of the inside of the pads. 

Unlike all other shapes,
discs create the purest most effective magnetic field, resulting in the most value for the customer.
This quote is from  "Ordinary bar magnets (rectangular shaped) have the north pole on one end and the south on the other.  Large ones may have the poles on each width and not the ends.  Round magnets have the north pole on one side, and they have the south on the other."    Therefore you are getting the purest form of the North or negative side of the magnet.

Magnetic lines of flux radiate in a curved shape. In square or rectangular magnets, the curved flux lines are disrupted, thereby reducing the magnetic force.  These other shapes can be large, heavy magnets that look impressive but yield less magnetic force than an equal weight disc magnet.  Using disc magnets allows us to make a lighter, stronger magnetic pad.  Through our construction, we keep the magnets as close to the body as possible for maximum performance and all magnets are orientated Bio-North (negative) facing the body. Sizes and ordering are available below. 

Our fabric is a top quality Damask material which is quilted to polyester fiber.  The magnets are nestled carefully in valleys of convoluted finger foam.  If you have allergies to polyester, nylon or foam, please click here to see our All Natural Cotton/Wool Pads.            



** Please note: 
Shipping for USA orders is already included in our price.  If you choose FedEx 2 day or overnight there will be extra fees so please call us as soon as possible for a shipping quote.  If we do not hear from you, we will proceed with FedEx ground shipping.  

We will need a physical address, FedEx does not deliver to a PO Box.

Please order bedding in plenty of time if you have a deadline.  Our pads can take 7-10 days for delivery.  


Please be aware that we are not responsible for any duties or value-added taxes that may be assessed by your local Customs office.  If you fail to pay the FedEx invoice we will charge your credit card for the fees that your customs department has charged us.

**Customs duties and taxes for FedEx shipments outside the United States must be paid by the ultimate consignee and are billed to the ultimate consignee after delivery. 


Thickness of pads Size of Magnets Mfg. Gauss Rating for Ceramic Magnets
 Standard  1" 3/4" diameter 1/4" thick 3,650 - 3,950 gauss
(surface 1500-2000)
 Mega 2" 3/4" diameter 1/4" thick 3,650 - 3,950 gauss
(surface 1500-2000)
  2 1/2"
1" diameter  1/4" thick 3,650 - 3,950 gauss
(surface 1500-2000)


Please Note that the Split Queen covers exactly half of a queen bed.
   If you want to cover half of a king bed order a twin size.  Two twins will equal one King size bed.

Return Policy

For non pet owners and non-smokers the following return policy applies.  For any type of bedding or car seats we offer a 45 day money back guarantee.    We must receive your product within 45 days from the date of your invoice.  You have a 30 day trial for your mattress pad.  If you receive your pad and see that you would like to trade your pad for a different thickness please ship your pad back immediately and we can exchange your mattress pad.   

Please note: This product is personal in nature and
we cannot accept any returns or exchanges on any pads if you have pets or animals or if anyone in your home is a smoker.  There are no exceptions to this policy so please choose your product carefully.   

 We will not take back pads with any type of tear, burn, smoke aroma, odor, animal hair, dirt, or stain on them.  If your pad has been cleaned or laundered we will not issue you a credit.  If you return your product according to these conditions we will credit your product cost back, excluding any shipping cost.  Please keep in mind we will not be able to reimburse shipping cost if you have allergies to polyester, nylon, or any other materials used in our pad.  To insure a full refund please call first to receive your RMA number.  

  To protect yourself during return shipping you will need to send your product  back in its original bag and box or a bag and box equally substantial.  If you discard your plastic bag you will need to supply your own plastic bag in case your product gets damaged or wet during the return shipping process.  We will not refund damaged goods.



You can click here to see our return policy on the
"guarantee" page of this site.

Medical disclaimer:

Norso magnetic therapy products are not sold as medical devices. Our Norso magnetic products are not sold to cure diseases. No guarantee of effectiveness of product is made, effectiveness varies from person to person. Magnetic therapy is not intended to replace any instructions, prescriptions or directions prescribed by your doctor. Not recommended for persons wearing a pacemaker, defibrillator, or any other implanted electro-medical device or if you are pregnant. Keep magnets away from computer disks, videotapes, video monitors, credit cards and any other magnetic media.



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All North (Negative) Magnets Facing the Body

magnetic mattress pads



Cutaway pictures below
 (top layer has been cutaway for you to
see the inside of our pads) 

Standard 1" thick padding specs:

Top Fabric Foam Magnets Fiber Non-skid backing

magnetic mattress pads




Mega 2" thick padding specs:

Top Fabric Fiber Magnets Convoluted Foam Fiber Non-skid backing

magnetic mattress pads




Superior 2 1/2" thick padding specs:

Top Fabric Fiber Memory Foam Magnets Convoluted Foam Non-skid backing

magnetic mattress pads

Superior Mattress Pads have larger magnets
 and a layer of memory foam.



Testimony:  For 20 years I have had restless leg syndrome on one side of my body. I could not relax and felt terrible anxiety, sometimes I felt like I would explode.  I visited three neurologists and have been prescribed medication. Two weeks ago my wife ordered a promagnet  2" thick mattress pad and a car seat for my chair.  For over one week I have sat and slept on these pads.  I have NOT had an episode of RLS since using the pads!  Yesterday I forgot to take my medication and I still did not experience RLS symptoms.  I highly recommend promagnet for their professionalism and genuine care.
Thomas from Pueblo CO


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          Quote from Ron Lawrence, MD

Fibromyalgia - Researchers at Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston showed that magnets
help relieve muscle pain caused by this mysterious condition.

    In the study, patients who slept on magnetic mattresses experienced greater pain relief than patients who slept on ordinary mattresses.

Researchers at the University of Virginia studied results from 94 patients who suffered from fibromyalgia who were randomly divided into 4 groups. Half of these patients were in 2 control groups, one that received fake magnets and the other that just followed their usual treatment routine. The other 2 groups received active magnetic pads; one which provided whole body exposure to a uniform magnetic field and the other group used a pad which exposed the subjects to a magnetic field that varied both spatially and in polarity. The study tracked results over a six month periods.

The two groups that slept on pads with active magnets generally showed improvement in outcome scores of pain intensity level, number of tender points on the body and functional status at the end of the six month period of the test. The subjects in the control group did not exhibit the same type of improvement in their symptoms.


I've had my new pad now for about three weeks and want to tell you how it's working out.  I am so pleased with this product!  At first, I had to put it under my mattress topper, but, after a couple of days, I relocated it closer to me and put it directly under my old pad.  I'm sleeping deeper, my hip pain has resolved and I'm feeling much better.  I work in healthcare and your pad came recommended by someone I know that also works in healthcare.  We're both in our late 50's and suffer from the effects of arthritis and years of hard work caring for the sick and injured.

I will be recommending you and your products to people I know.  I've used your 1" spot magnets for a couple of years with very good results.  Thank you for making such a good product,

Regards,  M. J. Waters   To see more testimonies click on this link testimonials.htm


Standard Density Mattress Pads
1" Thick Padding

Standard Density Pads