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  Magnetic Pet Collar

 Comfortable/Durable Nylon Material/Velcro Closure

Retail $13.00/  Sale $11.70


Internal Gauss Rating Per Magnet

3-5  (1/2"diameter)  Neodymiums

 Our magnetic pet collar comes with a Teflon coating on the magnets to prevent rust!

(manufacturers gauss rating of 12000 - 12300 per magnet/ surface output of 1500-2000)


Measure an existing collar or measure the animals neck area to order the
appropriate size listed below!!

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Item:  Magnetic Pet Collars  10% off Sale Quantity:
8-11  inches  (3/4" wide) Magnetic Pet Collar
(3 magnets)                       Retail $13.00              Sale $11.70 
13 - 18 1/2 inches  (3/4" wide)  Magnetic Pet Collar
(4 magnets)                       Retail $13.00              Sale $11.70 
20 - 23 inches  (3/4" wide) Magnetic Pet Collar 
(4 magnets)                       Retail $13.00              Sale $11.70 
23 - 27 inches  (3/4" wide) Magnetic Pet Collar
(5 magnets)                       Retail $13.00              Sale $11.70

3. Place

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Magnetic Pet Collar 12,300 gauss

The following is a quote from Fred Rinker in his latest book "Magnetic Therapy Today." 

"Magnetic therapy is a popular treatment method for high performance equine athletes.  Magnetic pads, boots and blankets are used to treat injuries to the hoof, ankle, fetlock, tendons, knees, hocks and stifles as well as back problems.  Magnetic collars are used to quiet and pacify nervous animals and there are pet pads to allow animals to be treated while they sleep.  It seems animals can sense magnetic energy as they like to lie on these pads and will seek them out.  Many people have told me how their cat or dog will want to lie on their bed after they have personally installed a magnetic mattress pad on their own bed.  Amazing results are reported with magnets and animals such as lame horses becoming sound almost overnight, dogs that suffer from severe arthritis being able to become active again."

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Melissa from NC says:  "My dog was on medication for hip dysplasia and she started using magnetic therapy and she stopped limping and I was eventually able to take her off of her medication.  The results have been amazing!"

Claire from MN says:  "My cat has an ear that was damaged and she loves to find her magnetic pad and lay her ear on it.  The collar has helped to heal her injury quicker. Thanks for your wonderful product!"


  • Non-Invasive

  • Drug Free

  • Use Day and Night while sleeping

  • Convenient and Comfortable

  • All North magnets facing the body

  • Teflon coated magnets

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