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  Magnetic Wristband

 Scratch Resistant, Durable, Waterproof, Comfortable
Great for Sports or Work

You can wear all of our magnetic wrist products
while working on computers!


Internal Gauss Rating Per Magnet

1 ceramic manufacturers gauss rating of
3650- 3950 per magnet


This wristband contains a powerful strontium ferrite magnet with a field of influence larger than a softball.  Our ceramic magnet has been shaped and polished for style and function and is similar to a black onyx stone. The ceramic magnet is scratch resistant and the elastic band is fully adjustable and one size fits all. This magnet is North (negative) facing the body. With the stone being so durable it is great for working or playing sports!  This wristband is very durable and can even be worn in the shower or while working out. 



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