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  Magnetic Wrist Wraps
 and Wrist Bands


Magnetic Carpal Wrap

 Breathable/ Reversible/ Comfortable
With our reversible wraps it is like getting
two wraps in one product!

Magnetic Carpal Wrap Our magnetic wrist wrap is made of a soft, breathable MicroMesh™ and secures easily with a Velcro® closure. Our magnetic wrist wrap contains one Velcro® removable pad which holds 4 (1/2") neodymium magnets. Our exclusive neodymium removable pads are truly one of a kind.  The flexible magnetic pad will bend and conform to your wrist.
 Our magnetic wrist wrap is 10" long and 2" wide.


We are the only manufacturer of removable Velcro® magnetic pads.  This feature enables you to place the magnets exactly where you like.  You can also remove the magnets and place them elsewhere on your body.  With the removable magnets your wrap also becomes washable! 



Magnetic Wristband

Scratch Resistant, Durable, Comfortable
Great for Sports or Work

Magnetic Wrist Band  Our magnetic wristband is a powerful ceramic strontium ferrite magnet with a field of influence larger than a softball. This magnet has been shaped and polished and is similar to a black onyx stone. This magnetic wristband is very practical and great for sports or work because of its durability.  Our magnet wrist band is functional and very durable with a scratch resistant magnet.  The elastic band is simply to hold the magnet in place and it is adjustable to a one size fits all. The elastic band is 3/4" wide and the ceramic magnet is 5/16" wide.  If you prefer nice jewelry please click here to see our bracelets.


All North (negative) magnets facing the body

Magnetic Carpal Wrap 
(10" X 2")
2" x 2" Velcro removable pad  (4 neodymium magnets/ manufacturers gauss rating of 12000 - 12300 per magnet) Retail $26.99
Sale $23.76
Magnetic Wrist Band 
(3/4" wide)
1 powerful ceramic magnet (manufacturers gauss rating of 3650- 3950 per magnet) Retail $26.99
Sale $23.76


Testimony:  I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome and surgery was suggested.  I opted not to have the surgery but to wear prescribed wrist braces at night.  The braces did help some but they were very annoying to sleep in.  A friend suggested I try the magnetic wrist wraps.  After a couple of nights sleeping in them I realized these are REALLY WORKING.  Also they are small and I don't even realize I have them on.  I am now finally able to sleep through the night without waking up with my hands numb.  I am such a believer that I am now trying the thumb wraps.  I have heard this will help relieve my thumb joint pain due to rheumatoid arthritis.  This sure beats taking medication or having surgery!  Thanks, TC


Testimony:  A lady I work with had continual pain in both of her wrists and she had to drive a van for 7 hours a day.  After she was told by her Doctor that she had arthritis and she would have to live with the pain, I suggested she try my magnetic wrist wraps.  She tried them and loved the relief they gave her.  She now owns a set of her own and sleeps in them every night to relieve her pain.  I also own several magnets myself and I never leave home without them.  Sincerely, Velma from Ohio

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Magnetic Carpal Wrap  (2" x 10")
                                                     Retail $26.99 Sale $23.76
Trigger Pad with 4 magnets (extra magnets for your Carpal wrap)                                            Retail $16.00 Sale $14.08 
Magnetic Wrist Band (one size fits all) 
                                                     Retail $26.99 Sale $23.76
For larger sizes please call us with your wrist measurements.   We specialize in custom sewing and most orders will ship the next day!

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 If you are interested in a different fit then please look at our our magnetic bracelets.

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You can wear all of our magnetic wraps
while working on computers!








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