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Magnetic Tendonitis Arm Band

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Heavy Duty Tendonitis Arm Band (TND-AB)
$ 29.00 USD $ 32.95

About the Product

  • Mfg. gauss rating approximately 12,000 to 12,300 gauss per magnet
  • (4) 1/2" neodymium magnets
  • Removable Velcro magnetic pad
  • North (negative) magnets facing the body
  • 2" wide x 16" long (stretches up to 19")
  • Breathable, lightweight, comfortable fabric with Velcro closure
  • Adjustable loop for tightening or compression
  • Extra Velcro magnetic pads available

Detailed Description

All of our tendon bands come with one trigger size 2" x 2" removable Velcro® pad which contains 4 neodymium magnets. If needed you can purchase extra magnetic trigger pads for your wraps. Made with breathable, comfortable, micromesh fabric.

We manufacture our wraps with removable Velcro magnetic pads in our wraps. This feature enables you to place the magnets exactly where like. You can also remove the magnets and place them elsewhere on your body. With the removable magnets, your wrap is also washable.

A tendon is a tough yet flexible band of fibrous tissue. The tendon is the structure in your body that connects your muscles to the bones. The skeletal muscles in your body are responsible for moving your bones, thus enabling you to walk, jump, lift, and move in many ways. When a muscle contracts it pulls on a bone to cause movements. The structure that transmits the force of the muscle contraction to the bone is called a tendon.

Tendons come in many shapes and sizes. Some are very small, like the ones that cause movements of your fingers, and some are much larger, such as your Achilles tendon in your heel. When functioning normally, these tendons glide easily and smoothly as the muscle contracts.

Sometimes the tendons become inflamed for a variety of reasons, and the action of pulling the muscle becomes irritating. If the normal smooth gliding motion of your tendon is impaired, the tendon will become inflamed and movement will become painful. This is called tendonitis, and literally means inflammation of the tendon.

Our Magnetic Tennis Elbow Band or Golf Elbow Band is used on the muscle and tendon around the outside or the inside of the elbow. "Tennis Elbow" is a common term for a condition caused by overuse of arm and forearm muscles that results in elbow pain. You don't have to play tennis to get this, but the term came into use because it can be a significant problem for some tennis players. Our magnetic Tennis Elbow Band targets compression to the long tendons of the forearm extensor and flexor muscles. Our magnetic wrap offers compression along with magnetic therapy.

Tennis elbow is caused by either abrupt or subtle injury of the muscle and tendon area around the outside of the elbow. Tennis elbow specifically involves the area where the muscles and tendons of the forearm attach to the outside bony area (called the epicondyle) of the elbow. Your doctor may call this condition lateral epicondylitis. Another common term, "golfers elbow," refers to the same process occurring on the inside of the elbow- what your doctor may call medial epicondylitis. Overuse injury can also affect the back or posterior part of the elbow as well.

The most common symptom of tennis elbow is pain slowly increasing around the outside of the elbow and pain is usually worse when shaking hands or squeezing objects. Pain is made worse by stabilizing or moving the wrist with force. Examples include lifting, using tools, or even handling simple utensils.


• Non-Invasive

• Velcro Closure

• Drug Free

• Use day and night while sleeping

• Can be worn while working on computers

• Safe and natural

• Speeds recovery and repair

• Extra magnetic pads available

• Wrap offers Velcro Closure


Magnetic therapy products are not sold as medical devices. Our magnetic products are not sold to cure diseases. No guarantee of effectiveness of the product is made, effectiveness varies from person to person. Magnetic therapy is not intended to replace any instructions, prescriptions or directions prescribed by your doctor. Not recommended for persons wearing a pacemaker, defibrillator, or any other implanted electro-medical device or if you are pregnant. Keep magnets away from computer disks, videotapes, video monitors, credit cards and any other magnetic media.

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