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About our magnetic therapy company

Originally founded in 1994, our mission has been to provide each customer with superior customer service and the highest quality of magnetic therapy products.  We offer free phone consultations for those who are not confident in their product decision.  Our company was founded to help those in need of a more natural approach to pain relief. 

We have you covered from head to toe.  Products ranging from our patented Magnetic Massager to our magnetic therapy shoe insoles with a patented design which provides a solid sheet of flexible magnet covering the entire foot bed. 

For over 25 years, we have been manufacturing the highest quality magnetic therapy products, made here in the United States. We have created our wraps with a simple wrap-around design which is easier to use than slide up supports which are often times difficult to pull on and off and are constricting.  We believe it is contradictory to use tight wraps which restrict blood flow.  Our magnetic therapy wraps have a one of a kind removable Velcro® magnetic pads which can be placed anywhere inside your wrap for a custom fit that suits your needs. 

Whether you're an athlete, health care provider, or suffer from any form of discomfort, we want to offer you high quality magnetic therapy and provide a superior level of customer service to each of our customers. Our product is manufactured here in the USA and dealers are welcome to call if you are interested in resale. 

We have numerous Doctors, Physical Therapist, and Massage Therapist that successfully use our products. 

If you have any special shipping needs please contact us by phone. 

For any questions be sure to e-mail us at or call our toll-free number 1-877-858-9082.

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When you purchase our Magnetic Therapy Products you get:

- Patented Norso magnetic therapy products.

- Made in the USA  (PO Box 6 Terrell, NC 28682)

- Over 25 years of manufacturing technology and excellent customer service

- Free consultation from a magnetic technician  at our toll-free number 1-877-858-9082

- Highest quality grade N48 neodymium magnets (up to 13,500 gauss)

- Breathable, soft, magnetic therapy wraps without tight constricting neoprene. 

- Easy to apply wrap around design, Our wraps are not tight or hard to get on and off like pull up wraps.

- Top quality magnetic therapy guaranteed

- Only manufacturer to have removable Velcro® magnets that can be used elsewhere. Our magnets are not sewn

  or glued into our wraps.

- Money Back Guarantee (see our guarantee under "terms of service")

- Same day shipping on most items. (see shipping information under "shipping and returns")

- We accept all forms of payment (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover), pay by phone, check or money order,

   and Paypal.