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Testimonials & Letters

Kelly McKay a radio celebrity from 107.9   

"Because I'm a walking train wreck I'll be testing a knee brace, bracelets for both wrists, and magnets that I can put on my lower back or wherever I'm hurting at any given moment." 

Update: " I'm surprised to say that magnet therapy WORKS!  Even thought I try to keep any open mind about anything involving health and wellness- I admit I was a bit skeptical.  I thought, "how could a little magnet take away pain I'd been dealing with for years?"  Well, after wearing the knee wrap and bracelets for a week- and then NOT wearing them for a few days- I had definitive proof that the magnets DO relieve pain."

One month update:  " I have had so many problems over the last month, with wrist pain from working with computers all day in the studio, knee pain from loose tendons, to a sprained ankle from working out.  Let me tell you!   Every time I put these magnets on, within a few hours I am ready to go!  I wear one on my wrist at work, a knee brace at night when I sleep and anytime I twist or bump an ankle or knee.  THESE MAGNETS WORK."

Two month update: "My knee was killing me yesterday (because I hadn't been wearing my knee wrap and then I tweaked it working out) then I put the brace on last night and it's fine this morning.  Thank heavens because I have to go out in the cold to work the Making Strides Walk!   Thank heavens for magnet therapy!"

A happy customer, K. Fritsche from CO

"I love your products, outstanding--this is my second order and it won't be my last.   I am glad I had a way to thank you for your great products.  My entire family uses magnets for different situations and we all appreciate how well magnets work from helping a sprain, dealing with a headache, etc.  My first order with your company was an eye mask and 2 of the Velcro magnetic pads.  Those are absolutely perfect, they are well made, solid construction, good quality Velcro and they stay where you put them.  A fantastic idea adding the Velcro!  The eye mask has helped me with some eye problems I have and has helped to relieve strain.  I look forward to my latest order with the knee wraps as I know they will be a big help.  Your products are great, your prices are economical and your shipping is fast and inexpensive.  I wish I had found you years ago"!   


M. J. Waters
"I've had my new magnetic mattress pad now for about three weeks and want to tell you how it's working out.  I am so pleased with this product!  At first, I had to put it under my mattress topper, but, after a couple of days, I relocated it closer to me and put it directly under my old pad.  I'm sleeping deeper, my hip pain has resolved and I'm feeling much better.  I work in healthcare and your pad came recommended by someone I know that also works in healthcare.  We're both in our late 50's and suffer from the effects of arthritis and years of hard work caring for the sick and injured.

I will be recommending you and your products to people I know.  I've used your 1" spot magnets for a couple of years with very good results.  Thank you for making such a good product"!


E. Fox
"I have been delightfully surprised by the results I received from the use of your Norso magnetic products on an old rotator cuff injury. I am an avid tennis player, and find it impossible to play when my shoulder acts up. I have had very good results with your Norso Magnessage for bumps, bruises, and sports injuries. My friends borrow it to loosen up stiff joints as a warm up routine. I have even used it to relieve the swelling in my foot when I accidentally stepped on a nest of yellow jackets this summer.

Thank you for making these wonderful products available to the public".


J.C., Greensboro, NC
"In 1996 I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.  This of course resulted in a great deal of pain in most of my joints.

I never believed in any forms of alternative medicine and viewed magnetic therapy as just another gimmick.  Pain can be a great motivation to try almost anything that might bring relief.  At the suggestion of a family member I decided to try magnetic therapy after consulting my Doctor.  His response was "try it, it can't hurt you and it seems to help some people."
At first I used the neodymium's on the specific pain points, such as the shoulder, wrist, knee, back, etc.  There was a significant difference in the amount of pain and stiffness that I had come to expect on a daily basis.  For example, if my shoulder was especially painful I would tape on a neodymium directly over the most severe point of pain when I would go to bed.  The next morning my shoulder would be virtually pain free.  Being pleased with these results I began to use a magnetic knee wrap.  I had always played golf but was now hindered by a painful left knee.  The wearing of the wrap allowed me to continue playing golf which was an added benefit to me that I had not expected.
Eventually I began sleeping on a magnetic mattress pad, reasoning that this might be beneficial since the pain was affecting more of my joints.  This was a real benefit and now I keep the magnetic pad on my bed.  I have even occasionally taken it with me on vacation when space permitted.
There is, of course, no cure for rheumatoid arthritis, but Norso magnetic therapy has been a tremendous help to me in managing the pain and allowing me to do most activities that I did before diagnosis of the disease".


"I am writing to let you know about the marvelous results I have received using your Norso magnets. As a note, my doctor is an orthopedist not an alternative health care professional. His remarks, recounted later in the letter, will surprise and encourage you.

In January I broke my foot while walking. I had been taking prednisone for 11 years and it has apparently thinned my bones. I was in a cast six weeks. During that time, I p1aced magnets on the cast near the break. When the cast was removed the bones were healed where the magnets had been placed, but were not healed in the area where magnets were not used.

About a month later, I fell and broke my wrist in two places. I placed a 2 by 3 magnet on one side of the cast and a 2 by 2 on the other side. After four weeks, the cast was removed and the x-rays revealed that the wrist was completely healed. I showed the orthopedist my magnets, and explained how I used them. He said he didn't dismiss the effectiveness of magnets, because he uses pulsating magnetic therapy to speed healing on broken bones.

Thanks again for your excellent Norso product. They have been a miracle worker for me".


"I wanted to write and tell you about my success using my Norso magnetic mattress pad on my bed!  I have struggled with the "Princess and the Pea syndrome" for many years, buying top quality mattresses. They only worked for a short time but even then I didn't rest as well as I was promised I would. However, since I have been using your magnetic mattress pad I am sleeping thru the night, resting well and not tossing and turning! By getting a full nights sleep with your pad I am more active and aware during the day, I have less body pain and I look forward to resting at night knowing that I will sleep well! Thank you for your top quality mattress pad, I highly recommend this product to anyone who suffers from pain and/or cannot rest well"! 

Helen Duncan
"I must say the mattress pad allowed me to rest comfortably all night from the first day.  Previously I had been in pain with my back half the night.   Thank you, thank you"

Jan from West Virginia
"Your magnetic pillow pad has completely stopped my years of debilitating headaches!  Thank you!"


Velma, Ohio
"I use my magnets on a regular basis as soon as I feel an ache or pain.  I get a lot of use out of my magnetic car seat as I drove and rode over 10,000 miles without a sore back!


Bill from Maryland
"I wanted a magnetic mattress pad for my wife for Christmas but I did not hold much hope that it would arrive in time due to the short time left, the weather, and the volume of packages being delivered at Christmas.  But what did I see on my porch only 6 days after I talked to your representative?  I didn't believe my eyes.  But there it was- the mattress for my wife!  I didn't even try to hide the box from her.  I just left it in plain view.  She never noticed.  She was expecting it after Christmas.  Talk about surprise on Christmas morning! She saw the box but didn't put two and two together.  Please accept my sincere thanks"!  

Joanne (FL)
I ordered a magnetic extremity wrap from you about one month ago.  I had very bad leg pain for almost a year.  It was quite painful at night when I was sleeping and it would wake me up.  I was wearing the wrap on my leg during the day but not at night.  About three nights ago I decided to wear the wrap during the night and I cannot believe it, no more pain and I sleep through the night.  I am so pleased, this is truly wonderful that I am not in pain anymore.  Thank you, Joanne 

I want you to know that last August I ordered your Magnetic Massager.  I was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer and had a 5 1/2 hour surgery.  I took your magnetic massager with me to the hospital and used it there.  I was on morphine while in the hospital and sent home with a Rx for oxycodone.  I only used 5 pills.  The rest of the time I found relief using my massager.  I kept it with me in bed and when the pain came I reached for the massager and needless to say, I was very impressed.  I continue to use it daily.  I now enjoy one of your mattress pads and get a great nights sleep.  Thanks, Dusty 


W. Kusmitch
Inflamed swollen eye tissue is the hallmark of Grave's Eye Disease.  Upon rising one day my right eyelid was swollen.  I placed a small neodymium spot magnet at the outer corner of my eye and I very quickly began to see the swelling disappear.  I could also feel the fluid leaving the area.  I was truly amazed.  I would have never believed it if I had not witnessed it myself.  The Promagnet spot magnets have helped my inflamed eyes and I use them daily.   

Janet in PA
I purchased a 14 x 19 magnetic pillow pad plus your shoe insoles.  The pad has helped my left hip and also the pain I have behind my knee and upward.  Sometimes I place it horizontally and sometimes I place it vertically.  It's so well made.  At the end of the day my right ankle is somewhat swollen, but the insoles have cut that into half.  I will be buying the spot magnets for the shoulder and neck area.  Donna has been a great help guiding me to the right products.


W. Byrd
This will be my second knee brace. I can only say that these work like a miracle for sore knees.  I injured my knee running and have worn the wrap almost continuously for about a week or so and have had complete relief.  I noticed that my left knee is beginning to hurt, so I am resigning myself to wearing braces on both knees whenever I run.
Thank you so much for your wonderful products and customer service.  Your friendly attitude and good advice are treasured.  Best regards, W. Byrd


 K. Fritsche
I received my order today, thanks for the quick shipping.  On a previous order I got 2 of your knee wraps and I wanted to tell you how much I like them and how well they work.  They are far better than the "stretch tubes".  The knee wraps are easy to use, comfortable and really work.  In a bad fall several months ago I damaged my knees and have been in pain for a long time, these wraps have helped tremendously in eliminating pain and in helping me heal.  Several times I've had to wear them overnight, and the relief the next morning was a huge difference.  It is soft, easily forms to my knees, and is easy to adjust.  Superior product!   I've been buying and using magnets for many years from different companies.  Yours by far are top quality and affordable.  I really appreciate your products and your company.  My thanks for your great customer service and terrific product, it is a pleasure to do business with you.   


I have experienced intractable ilio-sacral pain.  I tried physical therapy, osteopathy, massage, acupuncture, exercise/stretching, polarity therapy.  All have helped but only for a very short term. By the time I returned for a follow-up session the pain was sometimes nearly crippling.  I tried getting a new mattress and tried sleeping in a different bed because I awakened with my back sore.   I saw my primary care physician a couple of weeks ago and he suggested trying magnets.  I immediately ordered one of your back and hip wraps.  The day it arrived, I wore it to bed.  I awoke the next morning without low back pain.  I have worn the wrap every night since then.  My back pain has not returned, even after gardening all day yesterday; usually an activity that causes worse back pain.  Miraculous!  All this is to say, thank you for being there and thank you for making my body feel better.  I have already passed on your website to others.