Magnetic Leather Necklace - Light Brown

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About the Product

  • (15) 6,500 gauss rare earth neodymium magnets
  • (2) 10,000 gauss magnetic clasp
  • Magnets throughout the entire necklace
  • Easy to use “it’s a snap” clasp that can easily be opened with one hand.
  • USA made

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Our new magnetic necklaces offer a 6mm braided leather in black and saddle brown. Embedded within the bracelet are multiple high quality, powerful magnets. Our magnetic necklaces have a strong magnetic field that circles the wrist and eases pain and stiffness.  Whether you're interested in using a magnetic necklace for pain or other benefits, you're going to love the quality that goes into each of our pieces.
These designs were created with a strong emphasis on style, comfort and quality. 

Magnets have been used for centuries for health and well-being. Our magnetic necklaces have fifteen 6,500 gauss magnets inside the leather braid adding an additional 95,000 gauss to the necklace. The result = 105,000 gauss total. 

Why Wear Magnets?

"Scientific research has shown that magnetic fields influence biological systems, attract and repel charged particles in the blood stream increasing circulation, stimulate tissue regeneration, and reduce pain. Magnets can be safe alternatives for: alleviating pain and stiffness related to sports activities like tennis or golf; promoting healing via the body's own internal mechanisms; increasing circulation; reducing inflammation; and for many specific ailments related to all systems of the body, even mental health."

Benefits of Wearing Magnets

Traditional Chinese doctors have known for millennia that a magnetic field, when next to the body, could markedly increase the wearer’s vital life force, known as Chi.  This effect is enhanced when magnets are applied over acupressure points, like when inlaid in bracelets.  In the West, twice Noble laureate Dr. Linus Pauling found that the electrolytic salts present in our blood circulate bio-magnetically, therefore the proximity of a magnetic field may help improve circulation throughout the body.  In 1954, Dr. Linus Pauling, received a Nobel Prize for his discovery of the magnetic properties of hemoglobin. He found that iron, and many electrolytic salts in our blood, circulate bio-magnetically. Therefore, the proximity of a magnetic field may result in an acceleration of circulation and the transfer of energy to all areas of the body.


"In a 2004 study of 194 adults with osteoarthritis of the hip or knee, researchers found that those who wore magnetic bracelets for 12 weeks had a decrease in arthritis-associated pain. Meanwhile, a 2001 study of 64 people with rheumatoid arthritis of the knee showed that 68% of those who used magnetic therapy reported feeling better or much better after one week.  "Magnetic Therapy for Pain" by Cathy Wong Health's Disease and Condition articles are reviewed by their medical board.


  • Non-Invasive
  • Drug Free
  • Use day and night while sleeping
  • Can be worn while working on computers
  • Safe and natural
  • Speeds recovery and repair

Magnetic therapy products are not sold as medical devices. Our magnetic products are not sold to cure diseases. No guarantee of effectiveness of product is made, effectiveness varies from person to person. Magnetic therapy is not intended to replace any instructions, prescriptions or directions prescribed by your doctor. Not recommended for persons wearing a pacemaker, defibrillator, or any other implanted electro-medical device or if you are pregnant. Keep magnets away from computer disks, videotapes, video monitors, credit cards and any other magnetic media.


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